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We now offer Castagra product for Roof Coating! This is an amazing product that is very durable and can help you save a lot of money. They used this material to Roof Coat the Broncos stadium!

Ecodur+ Roof Coating is a white primeless fast-cure coating that can be applied to almost any substrate: cementitious, metal, asphalt, single ply, and more. But what makes Ecodur+ even more unique is its extreme bonding power: Ecodur+ offers the best adhesion in the industry — more than 3x the strength of most conventional roof coatings. Ecodur+ helps customers avoid costly tear-offs. Ecodur+ is plant based and it’s made from natural and sustainable materials (NO chemicals) so you can feel good about doing your part for the environment making it very Eco Friendly.



Easy to Apply

No spudding or pressure washing needed in most circumstances

Applies with brush, roller, or squeegee

Minimal on site prep

Odorless- no chemicals used in the application process

Contains ZERO VOCs, BPA, or toxicity, making it safe to apply!

Superior Performance

Maximum adhesion-proven best in the industry

Waterproof and UV resistant

Cures fast at any mil thickness

Resists impact from debris and hailstorms

It can even be applied below freezing weather

Saves Time and Money

Fewer coats and curing cycles

Less material

Fewer problems and repairs

Full tear-offs can be very costly. Ecodur+ provides a quick and permanent solution for even the most weathered roofs.

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